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9/25/17 Mandatory Visitors Evac:

Hyde County and Dare County have both issued a mandatory evacuation for visitors for Ocracoke and Hatteras Island. Hurricane Maria is a Category 1 now and is forecast to brush the Outer Banks. Even without a direct impact high surf, high winds and beach erosion are expected. Last week Hurricane Jose caused high surf , flooding conditions and ocean overwash on the roads.  Dare county emergency officials warn that roads will most likely “become impassable for extended periods and emergency response may be limited at the height of the storm”.  A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect along with a Storm Surge Watch for the Outer Banks.

8/15/17 Man Drowns On Ocracoke Beach:

A man drown at an Ocracoke beach yesterday. A 63 year old man drowned on an Ocracoke beach near the Pony Pen beach access area off Highway 12. This happened Monday August 14 in the late afternoon just after 5:00pm. The man was trying to help another swimmer that was in distress. Both were apparently caught in a rip tide. The first swimmer made it to shore safely but the man trying to help lost his life. Multiple agengies responded and life saving measures were attempted but the 63 year old man could not be revived.

Hurricane Gert is miles offshore the North Carolina coast but was still forecast to brink rough surf and dangerous rip currents to the coast. The National Hurricane Center posted a public advisory about the affects of then tropical storm Gert Monday. All though there are not watches or warnings here is part of the Hurricane Gert Public Advisory put out...


SURF:  Swells generated by Gert will spread northward along the east coast of the United States from North Carolina northward to Long Island during the next couple of days.  Swells are also expected to affect Bermuda during the next couple of days.  These swells are likely to cause life-threatening surf and rip current conditions. Please consult products from your local weather office.”

8/3/17 Power Restored to Hatteras and Ocracoke:

The power outage is over! Power has been restored to to both Hatteras Island and Ocracoke. The CHEC has worked around the clock for a week now and power has been restored. Unrestricted access to both island starts Friday 8/4/17 at 12:00pm. Visitors are welcome to Hatteras and Ocracoke. The ferry system will resume their normal ferry run schedule.

7/28/17 Hatteras Island Evacuations Ordered:

Dare County has now ordered a Hatteras Island evacuation for visitors. This new evaluation order for Hatteras Island visitors is due to "life safety issues from the loss of reliable electrical power on Hatteras Island and growing uncertainty as to when repairs to the main transmission line will be completed to enable restoration of full power to the island, a mandatory evacuation has been issued for all visitors to Hatteras Island, effective at 6 a.m. on Saturday, July 29. This evacuation order includes the villages of Rodanthe, Waves, Salvo, Avon, Buxton, Frisco and Hatteras." Ocracoke and Hatteras are the only two island under evacuation for visitors. This does not include any area north of Oregon Inlet such as Nags Head, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, Southern Shores, Duck or Corolla.

7/27/17 Mandatory Evacuation For Ocracoke Visitors:

Hyde County has just issued a mandatory evacuation for visitors on Ocracoke Island due to the power outage. The power will remain out for several days.

7/27/17 Power Outage On Hatteras and Ocracoke:

Sometime overnight the power went out to Hatteras Island and Ocracoke Island. The  Cape Hatteras Electric Cooperative is on the job trying to locate the problem but warns it my take a while. Reports are about 7,700 customers are without power. The area includes Avon, Buxton, Frisco, Hatteras, Rodanthe, Waves and Salvo on Hatteras Island. It also includes Ocracoke Island. The power company reports a problem with a transmission cable attached to the Bonner Bridge. A backup diesel generator may be setup but officials warn it will not be able to handle the load. The town of Buxton are being asked to turn their AC off limit other electrical. Temperatures for today are forecast to be in the mid 80s.

7/22/17 Another Search Underway For Missing Man:

Update on 7/23-The body of the missing man that was tubing as been found. The body of Zandro Samonte, 43 years old, from Bergenfield, NJ was recovered Sunday near the area of Southern Shores and Duck town line.

Another man is now missing in the Currituck Sound. The 45 year old man was being pulled on a tube behind a pontoon boat in the sound near the Southern Shores/Duck area. This was earlier today at about 1:00pm. He fell off the tube and did not resurface. He was not wearing a life jacket it has been reported. A search is now in progress to locate the man in the sound waters. Multiple agencies are taking part in the search. The search includes boats in the water and aircraft.

7/22/17 PA Football Coach Drowns at Corolla:

A PA football coach had drowned while swimming at the Outer Banks. Thaddeous Davis, 30 year old and from Lewisburg, Pa drowned while swimming at a Corolla beach in Currituck County. He was seen in the water near the Pine Island bath house and was reported to be struggling. The man's son was also in the water.The Corolla Ocean Rescue lifeguard rescued his son.

Lifeguards with Corolla Ocean Rescue responded as well the Corolla Volunteer Fire Department, the Currituck County Fire and EMS and the Currituck Sheriff’s Office. A search for the missing swimmer began by the local responders. The U.S. Coast Guard was also notified and two helicopters from Station Elizabeth City and a boat from Station Oregon Inlet joined into the search.

The man disappeared in the water just after lunch on Friday 7/21 close to 1:00pm. His body was discovered later that night by a deputy at 12:55am close to where the search was taking place.

7/19/17 Fatality Occurs On Frisco Beach:

The NPS of Cape Hatteras is reporting a fatality has occurred on the beach in the Frisco area of Hatteras Island. Just after lunch today an emergency phone call went out about CPR being done on an adult male on a beach in Frisco. An out of state 43 year old man had been pulled out of the ocean and CPR begun by bystanders. Dare County EMS and Hatteras Island Rescue Squad responded and took over life saving measures. Sadly the man could not be revived and died.

7/14/17 Bomb Washes Up On Shelly Island:

This morning a local fisherman was fishing on the new island (Shelly Island) off Cape Point on Hatteras Island. He came upon washed up on the island some type of unidentified explosive device. It could be an old military device such as an unexploded ordnance. Now multiple agencies are involved. The island was quickly evacuated. Those involved include the Hatteras Island Rescue Squad, Dare County Emergency Management, the National Park Service, the US Coast Guard, and local fire departments. Now the Navy and Marine Corp Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technicians out of Virginia are on the way to the Buxton. That team is expected sometime this afternoon. This is causing a lot of excitement for the Outer Banks. What till the news media get involve. Shelly Island was making the news before but now this explosive device washing ashore on the new island will cause more headlines!

Update: 1 Mile perimeter cleared for safety reasons Friday. When the team from VA arrived the object was identified as a WWII training ordnance. No cause for alarm. The object was safely removed from Shelly Island and loaded into a vehicle. It was taken to VA by the Navy and Marine Corp Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technicians Team.

6/20/17 Fourth Death From Drowning:

A fourth death from drowning has occurred this summer in just 10 days at the beaches of North Carolina. This includes three teenagers and one adult male. The first drowning was on Hatteras Island at a Frisco beach. A 17-year-old drowned on June 6, 2017.  He was an exchange student from Thailand. His body was found the next morning not far from where is disappeared in the water.

The second drowning happened on June 10. He was a 17-year-old Goldsboro teen Elijah Hinnant. His friend 16-year-old Tyreese Worsley also of Goldsboro, NC was pulled from the water and transferred to Vidant. Nine days later the 16-year-old died after being in critical condition since being pulled from the water on June 10th. He is the third to die from drowning at a NC beach.

The fourth death from drowning at a North Carolina beach was a 56-year-old man. The man died from a cardiac arrest and drowning while he tried to assist two teenagers at Atlantic Beach. All three were rescued near the Henderson Ave. public beach access area on Saturday June 17, 2017.  The two females were treated at the beach and are reported to be OK.

The Hatteras Island Rescue Squad is starting a new and free program that provides information to visitors. Each Monday morning at 9:00 am the program will include a training session on rip currents and beach safety. The free open to the public sessions will be held each Monday at the Hatteras Island Rescue Squad station located at 48103 NC-12 in Buxton, NC. The program will cover rip current hazards, what they are, how they form, the difference between low, moderate, and high rip current risks, how to spot them on the beach, and how to get out of them safely.

6/11/17 Another Teenage Drowns At NC Coast:

Another teenager has drowned at a North Carolina beach on the coast. A 17 year old boy drown at Emerald Isle beach at the Crystal Coast. Two teenagers were swimming at Emerald Isle on Saturday when they were caught in a rip current. One teen was rescued by a surfer. The rescued teen was sent to an area hospital and is reported to be in critical condition. The other teen was unable to be located. The US Coast Guard was called and after a 25 hour search the Coast Guard was unsuccessful in locating the missing swimmer. On Sunday the US Coast Guard called off their search after searching about 130 square nautical miles for more then 24 hours. The two teenage boys were from Wayne County in North Carolina. Names of the boys have not been released.

6/7/17 Body of Missing Swimmer Recovered:

The body of the missing 18 year old young man has been recovered from the beach just south of where he was last seen in the water on Tuesday.

6/6/17 Search For Missing Swimmer:

A search is underway for a missing man at Frisco Beach near Ramp 49. Just after 1:00pm today a young man was reported missing on the beach near Ramp 49 in the Frisco area of Hatteras Island. The missing swimmer was apparently trying to help another swimmer. The swimmer in trouble made it safety to shore but not the other young man. Multiple agencies are searching the area. Taking part in the search include The Hatteras Island Rescue Squad, Dare MedFlight, U.S. Coast Guard, National Park Service rangers and Dare County Sheriff's officers.

The missing 18 year old is reported to be from Thailand. The US Coast Guard has sent boats to the site as well as a helicopter. Local responders arrived with jetskies to help search for the missing man.

5/25/17  Buxton Beach Nourishment Project Starts In June:

The Buxton Beach Nourishment project that will pump sand onto the beach thus widening the beach in the Buxton area is set to begin about the middle of June. The project will start just north of Buxton near the haulover and extend south and end near the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse beach area. The project when finished will have pumped sand and widened about 3 miles of beaches in the Buxton area. The project will take about 3 months if all goes according to schedule and weather conditions permit.

5/19/17  Kitten Thrown From OBX Bridge Rescued:

Wednesday morning about 7:00am a kitten was thrown from a car off the Old Manns Harbor bridge near Manteo. Working under the bridge three DOT bridge inspectors noted something in the water trying to swim. They went to see what it was and discovered a kitten in the water. The workers rescued the kitten and it now has a new home and family. After a trip to the vet to make sure the kitten was not injured one of the crew members adopted the cat. Now the kitten named “Bridger Catfish Newman” is safe and sound with a new family.

The story has been on Facebook and has been covered by multiple new agencies. “Bridger Catfish Newman” has become a media sensation.

5/19/17  Head On Collision Results in Fatality on Highway 12

Apparently street racing was the cause of a head on collision that resulted in one fatality. Thursday morning a vehicle passed another vehicle on the two-lane Highway 12 just south of Whalebone Junction. The vehicle stuck head on a truck that was pulling a trailer. The driver of the truck had just left from the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center. Both individuals in the truck were able to escape before the truck burst into flames.Both needed medical attention and were taken to a hospital.

Virsack Mack Phinenboupha, 24 years old and from Va. was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Several young males were apparently drag racing on Highway 12.  Four others have been charged with misdemeanor spontaneous speed competition.

The four are listed as Patrick Xiao, 19, Daniel Eugene Kim, 20, Indie Ryan Srishord, 20, and Xinpeng Tang, 18. The young men are reported to be from the Washington DC area.The accident is still under investigation with possible more charges coming.

4/14/17  Body of Missing Boat Owner Found

The missing boat owner has been found dead in Pirates Cove Marina. Brant Wise had been missing since Friday. Rescue workers had been searching Roanoke Sound by air and by boat over

last weekend. On Monday after a drive team had been brought in Sunday, the body was found near his boat in the marina. He was found Monday afternoon just after 3:00PM. He is survived by his wife and children. A memorial service will be held on Monday, April 17, 2017 at The Pavilion at Pirate’s Cove Marina at 2:00 pm.

Donations in Brant Wise's memory can be made to the Surfrider Foundation Outer Banks Chapter, PO Box 1576, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948, or online at

10/9/16 Outer Banks Hit Hard By Hurricane Matthew:

Eastern North Carolina has been hit hard by Hurricane Matthew including the coast. At first the Outer Banks was not expected to be in the path but Matthew had different ideas. It wasn’t so much the rain as it was the heavy surf and high winds. Many coastal towns have a curfew tonight due to the flooding and extensive damage. Hatteras Island took a big hit and was heavily damaged by soundside flooding and strong winds. There is beach erosion in the Nags Head, Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills area as well as Hatteras. Highway 12 is impassable in several areas. Many business are closed. Hatteras Island is without electrical power. School has been canceled for Monday. Travel to the Outer Banks is not advised at this time until assessment, cleanup and power can be restored.

10/4/16 Hurricane Matthew Headed To NC Coast:

Hurricane Matthew is forecast to hit the NC coast on Saturday. It is now a Category 4 storm. By the time it hits NC it is forecast to be a Cat. 2 storm. This huge storm covers about 185 miles from the center with a powerful windfall area with winds over 39 mph. Dare and Hyde counties are already in preparation mode. Pay attention to the weather forecast. Make preparations now: have candles, flashlights, batteries, bottled water and nonperishable food on hand enough for at least 3 days. Travel this weekend may be hazardous. Expect the possibility for flooding, wind damage, structural damage, downed trees and power outages. Watches and warnings will likely be posted by the weather service on Thursday if not before. Stay informed. Stay safe. Please heed any evacuation orders.

9/1/16   NCDOT Orders Mandatory Evac. For Ocracoke:

The NCDOT has just released a mandatory evacuation for visitors on Ocracoke Island due to the approaching Hurricane Hermine. This applies to non-residents only. The NCDOT is concerned about possible flooding of the ferry terminal. Priority boarding has been suspended for all vessels leaving Ocracoke meaning it is a first come first serve boarding. All tolls have been waived. Ferry Division Director Ed Goodwin stated in the news release“We encourage all visitors on the island to calmly evacuate Ocracoke as soon as possible.”

Hurricane Hermine by the time it reaches North Carolina late Friday or early Saturday may bring heavy rains and gusty winds with the possibility of flooding at the Outer Banks and the other coastal areas.

If high winds and waves become to much the ferry system suspends service to the Outer Banks due to safety factors. Although Hermine will more than likely be a TropicalStorm by the time it passes over Eastern North Carolina there is still the chance of flooding and other hazardous conditions.

7/31/16  Child Killed By Lightning At Carova Beach:

Local news stations in NC are reporting that a 5 year old child was killed by lightning at the Outer Banks. The boy was hit by lightning while on Carova Beach in the northern area of the Outer Banks in Currituck County. Emergency responders were called just after 4:00 PM Sunday afternoon.

The lightning strike caused the child to go into cardiac arrest. CPR was performed and he was transported to the Virginia Beach, VA Sentara Princess Hospital. Sadly the 5 year old little boy died as a result of the lightning strike. The child’s family was on vacation at the Outer Banks. His name has not been made public.

Carova Beach is about 10 miles north of Corolla and just miles from the North Carolina Virginia state line on the Outer Banks. The area of Carova is accessibly only by 4WD vehicles.

7/27/16  Cape Point Open to ORV Traffic!

The NPS has reopened Cape Point to both pedestrian and ORV traffic as of today. Access to the point is by  Ramps 43 and 44 using the new back sand road located just south of Ramp 44. The much earlier than normal opening is in part due to use of the new sand back road and changes made to the shorter buffers zones around nesting shorebirds. In years past the reopening of Cape Point took place in late August.

7/25/16  Manatee Visits Hatteras Island:

A manatee was visiting Hatteras Island last week. An 8-10 foot manatee was spotted by many area locals, visitors and charter boat crews. The manatee was seen in the waters of the Pamilco Sound off Hatteras Island, in the waters around the docks at Hatteras Landing and at Oregon Inlet near the Bonner Bridge. While at the docks at Hatteras Landing the manatee got a special treat when visitors sprayed the mammal with cold water from a nearby hose. Many took videos of the manatee on his back with his belly up enjoying the nice cold water being sprayed on it’s belly. A Manatee at the Outer Banks is not a common site but this visit was not the first time a manatee has been seen in the area.

7/23/16 Second Person Drowns:

A second drowning has occurred at the Outer Banks. This makes two in the last two days. A 71 year old man was swimming in the surf near Sailfish Drive in Frisco, NC on Hatteras Island. An emergency call went out Friday afternoon about 3:30 PM. The man apparently was swimming off shore and was caught in a rip current. Multiple agencies responded and attempted to resuscitate the man but were unable to revive him. The man has not been identified at this time.

7/22/16    Man Drowns In Surf At Ocracoke:

A man died at the Outer Banks Thursday while swimming in the surf at Ocracoke Island. The 67 year old man was apparently swimming and got caught in a rip tide. A 911 call was made about 3:00PM with the report of a man missing near Ramp 70. The body of the missing swimmer was found close to the area where he disappeared. An autopsy will be performed in Greenville, NC at the  Medical Examiner’s Office. The man's identity has not been made public at this time. But officials report the man was not from Ocracoke Island but a visitor to the island.

6/26/16   Shark Attacks On NC Coast:

A second shark attack has happened this summer on the coast of North Carolina at Atlantic Beach. The first shark attack took place on Saturday June 11, 2016 when an 18 year old was bitten on his hands and wrist. The teenage was swimming in the waters at Atlantic Beach. The second shark attack occurred again at Atlantic Beach. This attack happened Saturday June 25, 2016 in the afternoon. The 11 year old boy was attacked while surfing in the ocean near Fort Macon. He was bitten on his foot and was taken to the local hospital for severe but non-life threatening injuries.

5/29/16 Tropical Storm Bonnie Visits Over Memorial Weekend:

Tropical Storm Bonnie brings rain to the eastern portion of North Carolina for Memorial weekend and the next several days. The named storm has already been downgraded with warnings canceled, but there is still a danger of rough surf and riptides at the NC coast. The slow moving disturbance will mean rain for the next several days in Eastern North Carolina with some areas getting between 2 and 4 inches.Near Wilmington a swimmer at Carolina Beach is missing after seen swimming in the ocean. Reports are the missing swimmer was caught in a riptide. The Coast Guard continues to search for the missing swimmer as of this morning.

5/25/2016 Ocracoke Lifeguarded Beach Makes Top 10 Best Beaches:

Ocracoke Lifeguarded Beach ranked as the #4 best beaches on list by Dr. Stephen Leatherman of Florida International University annual best beaches ranking list in the United States for 2016. Reasons listed for making the Top 10 best beaches include water and sand quality, facilities and environmental management plus 50 other criteria. A Cape Hatteras National Seashore beach is usually always ranked in the Top 10 each year.

5/11/2016 Cape Point Closed to Pedestrian and ORV Traffic:

Cape Point was closed this morning by the NPS. The Point was closed to both pedestrian and off-road vehicles due to the observance of breeding colonial waterbirds, including least terns, common terns, and black skimmers.

5/11/16 First Pilings Placed For New Bridge:

Construction of the replacement bridge for the Herbert C. Bonner Bridge included driving the first pilings. The first pilings being installed are for the middle portion of the bridge. The middle section (the high-rise portion) of the bridge will be 3,500 feet long with seven navigational spans. This will allow for easier and safer navigation of boats thru the inlet. The new bridge is projected to be completed in November of 2018.

4/22/16   Whipping Creek Fire Spreads To Over 14,000 Acres:

The fire that started Monday afternoon in Hyde County has now spread to over 14,000 acres. The size of the fire Monday night covered about 200 acres but over the last few days dry and windy conditions have caused the fire to spread. It is reported that the large fire is only 15% contained. Rain is in the forecast Friday and Saturday but speculation is it may not be enough to help control or help put out the fire. The Whipping Creek fire as it is being referred to is located in both Hyde and Dare counties. US 264 has been shut down for about 30 miles near the Dare County line due to fire, smoke and unsafe conditions. This closure is between Engelhard and Stumpy Point along US 264. The fire is burning in an area that is undeveloped so no houses, communities or people are in danger. But there is some danger to area wildlife. Portions of  the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge, the Dare Bombing Range, N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission game land and land managed by The Nature Conservancy have been burned. It may take several more days before US 264 in the area can be reopened fire officials report. A detour has been setup to reroute travelers. The detour sends drivers onto northbound N.C. 94 to Columbia, then east on U.S. 64. Drivers on U.S. 64 should head south on N.C. 94 to return to U.S. 264 east of Swan Quarter. Locals with the proper identification are allowed past the road blocks.

3/20/16 Woman Dies After Jumping From Baum Bridge:

The body of a woman has been recovered from the Roanoke Sound after the woman jumped from the top of the Washington Baum Bridge on Wednesday March 16, 2016. The bridge connects Manteo and Nags Head at the Outer Banks. She jumped Wednesday night after reports of her parking her car at the top of the bridge, climbing over the guardrail and jumping. Emergency responders arrived about 6:30 PM. Responders and boaters in the area searched the waters under the bridge. Her body was found within hours of the incident. Her identity and further details have not been released.

2/2/16   Woman On Cruise Ship Near Cape Hatteras Medevaced:

 A 61 year old woman was medevaced from a cruise ship that was about 230 miles of the coast of North Carolina east of Cape Hatteras. The Coast Guard crew members from Coast Guard Air Station Elizabeth City responded and removed the unconscious woman from the  cruise ship Norwegian Breakaway. She was taken off the cruise ship by lifting up into a helicopter. She was taken to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in Norfolk, Virginia. She arrived in stable condition it was reported. no further information has been released.

2/2/16   Ferry Get Stuck On Shoal Making Hatteras/Ocracoke Passing Again:

Another ferry runs aground in the sound on a trip Ocracoke Island to Hatteras Island. The M/V Roanoke ran aground on Saturday Jan. 30, 2016 about 10:40 am. It happened near the #3 marker along the navigation route the ferry take between the two islands. There were only 5 passengers along with six crew members and no one was injured it has ben reported. The Coast Guard was contacted after several attempts by the ferry crew to free the ferry from the shoal it was stuck on. Passengers were removed onto a Coast Guard vessel and taken to the Hatteras Island ferry terminal. At  high tide much later that day (about 12 hours later) the Roanoke was freed from the shoal along with the help of a tug boat. The ferry continued its journey to Hatteras Island where the passenger vehicles were unloaded. Sunday morning all passengers had returned to get their vehicles. This is the second time in the past few months that a Outer Banks ferry making the Hatteras to Ocracoke journey has become stuck on a shoal.

2/1/16  Missing Frisco Man Remembered:

A gathering took place Saturday Jan, 30, 2016 in Hatteras Village at the Hatteras Village Civic Center to remember Rich Baran. Baran went missing on Saturday Jan. 23, 2016 after going on a duck hunting trip in the Pamilco Sound near the Hatteras Inlet area. He never returned from the trip and a search was started by the US Coast Guard and others. His boat was found with his hunting gear, cell phone and some ducks he had killed while hunting still in the 25 foot boat. The anchor line was wrapped around the boat propeller. His waders were found later on the Hatteras side of the inlet. The US Coast Guard  suspended their search Sunday afternoon but friends continued to search. Weather conditions were harsh the weekend he disappeared with water and air temperatures very cold. Surviving in those type weather conditions would be unlikely. Baran remains missing as of Feb. 2, 2016. Baran was from New Jersey but had lived on Hatteras Island for some years. He had a hunting guide service and  had been a mate on many of the charter boats and commercial fishing boats. Many attended the service to share stories and remember their friend and family member. Rich Baran was 47 years old.

1/12/16  New Inside Road and Ramp Completed on HI:

The new Inside Road and a new ramp has been completed the NPS has just announced. The new Inside Road is located behind the dunes along the beach in the Frisco area of Hatteras Island. The new beach road is 4 miles long and connects Ramp 49 with Ramp 44. Also a new ramp, Ramp 48, has been completed. The newest ramp is located about a mile up the beach from Ramp 49 towards Buxton. This additional ramp will allow beach access in the event a turtle nest causes a beach closure along that stretch of beach in Frisco during the summer. These new projects were paid by using the fees from the ORV permit the Park Services implemented a few years ago. The next project is the construction of a new ramp on Ocracoke Island. Ramp 63 will be located about 3 miles south of the ferry terminal on Ocracoke Island. The Park Service hopes to have Ramp 63 ready by late spring or early summer.

1/3/2016  Power Cable Moved Successfully:

The power cables were successfully moved in December. Power was restored in just 5 days after crews made fast work of cutting the transmission cables, relocating the cables, splicing them back together. Now with that out of the way the Bonner Bridge replacement construction is planned to get underway in March. Now that’s exciting after having to wait all these years for a replacement bridge! Here is a link to the Bonner Bridge Replacement Project Visualization on youtube. Very nice!

1/2/2016  Great White Shark Mary Lee Returns:

Looks like Mary Lee is visiting the waters off the North Carolina Outer Banks again. Recent pings from her OCEARCH tracker have shown her to be cruising south off the East Coast headed to warmer waters. Mary Lee was tagged in 2012 at Cape Cod by OCEARCH.  She is 16 ft long and weighs about 3456 pounds. She is a frequent visitor to the waters of the Outer Banks. To follow Mary Lee and other tagged sharks go to  Quite interesting!

11/22/15  First Step In New Construction of Bonner Bridge:

The first step toward the replacement of the Bonner Bridge will take place this week. The Cape Hatteras Electric Cooperative on Monday will begin working on moving the cable that bring electricity to Hatteras Island by way of Oregon Inlet. This is the first thing that needs to be done before the NCDOT can begin construction on the new bridge. Before the relocation of the 115kV transmission cable crews will have to cut the existing cable. This means for Hatteras Island as well as Ocracoke Island power will be supplied by multiple diesel generators. The transmission cable outage is planned to take place about Dec. 16-22, 2015 although this is just a tentative date. While Hatteras and Ocracoke Island will be dependant upon generators for electricity the residents are being asked to conserve energy by limiting their use of electricity.

11/9/15 Ferry Runs Aground In Hatteras Inlet:

Thirty people on board the Roanoke were removed from the ferry after it ran aground while crossing the Hatteras Inlet Monday morning. The ferry ran aground Monday about 11:40am. The Coast Guard responded and got everyone off. No one was injured. There were 16 vehicles on the ferry. The Roanoke was traveling from Ocracoke to Hatteras went it ran aground. Twenty three people were removed by the Coast Guard and taken to the Hatteras Ferry Terminal. The plan was for a tugboat to remove the ferry and tow it back to port for inspection and for the removal of the vehicles that were onboard. Before the arrival of the tugboat ferry crew members were able to get the grounded Roanoke free.

10/29/15  Repairs Have Begun On Highway 12 in Kitty Hawk:

Work has begun to repair Highway 12 again. This portion of Highway 12 is better known as the beach road.This week the NCDOT started making repairs to Highway 12 in Kitty Hawk. The section was highway was damaged by a low pressure system that slowly moved through the Outer Banks in early October. High tides and rough seas tore up the blacktop. Cost to make the repairs were reported to be over $400,000. Dune reconstruction will also be done. The repairs will last through November and into December if all goes well.

10/21/15  Increase In Fees To WBNM and CHNS Campgrounds:

Starting on November 1, 2015 the fee for admittance to the Wright Brothers National Memorial in Kill Devil Hills we cost visitors more. The price increase will go up from $4 to $7. There will also be a price increase for the CHNS campgrounds (Oregon Inlet Campground, Frisco Campground and Ocracoke Island Campground). The cost for one night was $20 and the new price will be $28. The money from the price increase will go toward park and campground improvements. It had been several years since the last increase in price. Just some of the planned improvements planned include: maintenance, road repairs, planning future projects to improve visitors experiences, and upgrading campgrounds and facilities.

10/19/2015  Man Rescued By Coast Guard:

Can unidentified man had to be rescued off of his sailboat Friday after the sailboat ran aground near the Ocracoke Inlet. A Coast Guard helicopter airlifted him from the sailboat because the Coast Guard boat sent to respond was unable to reach the boat in the shallow water. The MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter had to be called in when the Coast Guard boat was unable to get to the sailboat. After being rescued from the sailboat that was taking on water the man was taken to Elizabeth City for evaluation. No word about any injuries or his condition. The sailboat had to be removed from the site where it had run aground.

10/18/2015 Great White Shark Mary Lee Returns To Outer Banks:

The great white shark Mary Lee has paid another visit to the Outer Banks. The 3456 lb shark that is 16' long is a frequent visitor to the area. Mary Lee's tracker pinged off the coast of kitty Hawk Friday October 11, 2015 in the morning hours. Her tracker pinged again on Sunday but this time she was in the Albemarle Sound! Don't worry though, she headed north and is now off the coast of New Jersey. To follow Mary Lee and other tagged sharks go to

10/4/2015 Low Pressure System Dumps Rain On Outer Banks:

Hurricane Joaquin never made it to the east coast by the low pressure system that stalled on the coast did dump a lot of rain and created rough seas for several days resulting in beach erosion, closed beach ramps, and flooding from high surf, higher tides than normal and standing rain water. Highway 12 (the beach road)in Kitty Hawk was damaged again and had to be closed for repairs again. Hatteras Village has flooded with most road impassable except by kayaks. The ferry system had to be shutdown for several days due to rough seas and high winds. The ferry terminal on Ocracoke Island flooded and ferry service to the island was suspended for a few days.  

9/29/15  Tropical Storm Joaquin Headed To NC Offshore?

The Outer Banks just got over one low pressure system that dumped rain for days to the area along with beach erosion, rip currents and heavy surf. Now Tropical Storm Joaquin is headed our way. By Friday the tropical storm/possible hurricane is predicted to make a run up the east coast of the US. Winds are predicted to be about 70 mph (it takes winds >73 mph to be a hurricane) by the end of the week. More rain, wind and heavy surf is expected for the NC coast. Follow the news and weather closely. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Even a tropical storm needs to be heeded after the recent rain and beach erosion that just took place. The ferry system schedule may be affected again with this approaching TS. Highway 12 on the south end of Ocracoke was closed for a day last week due to standing water. With more rain on the way it is likely to happen again. Check our webcams for conditions at Outer Banks Guide Webcams.

9/21/2015 Search Called Off By USCG For Avon Man:

The search has been called off for the missing man from Avon. Thirty eight year old Kristopher Mueller was last seen Saturday September 19th when he was spearfishing under the Bonner Bridge in the Oregon Inlet. His kayak was tied to one of the concrete bridge pilings under the bridge. In the kayak was his cell phone, a life jacket and fish. His vehicle has been located in a parking lot near the Bonner Bridge. A multi-agency search began on Saturday and continued through Monday. The Coast Guard suspended the search on Monday.

9/15/15  Plane Crashes Into Croatan Sound:

A single-engine 2 seater plane crashed into the Croatan Sound Monday about 50 feet from the end of the runway at the Dare County Regional Airport in Manteo. The pilot, Jenny Hawk from Manns Harbor, was rescued by emergency responders. She was airlifted to a Norfolk hospital after suffering non life-threatening injuries. The pilot was picking up a banner that is flown behind a plane for advertising purposes. Reports are the cable got tangled around the plane causing the plane to lose altitude and crash into the sound. Hawk was an experienced pilot. She was taken to the hospital for treatment of lacerations, cuts and bruises. She was the only occupant in the plane. The FAA and National Transportation Safety Board will investigate the crash as typical in all airplane crashes.

9/15/2015 Day at the Docks in Hatteras Village:

Day at the Docks in Hatteras Village is Sept. 17-19, 2015. Entertainment, music, food, local art and crafts, kids activities. This is an annual  event that started a few years ago after the community had to pull together to recover from the island’s devastation by Hurricane Isabel in 2003. It is a unique coastal celebration with exhibits that reflect a coastal and fishing way of life. Fishing nets, fishing  boats, the US Coast Guard, fish print tee shirts, crab races, boat parade  and the moving Blessing of the Fleet.  Also Hurricane Awareness, Taste of NC, Chowder Cookoff, music and other entertainment, children’s activities, seafood tent and more. Each years Day at the Docks get bigger and better. For more information go to Day at the Docks.

9/6/15  Two Young Males Rescued From Pamlico Sound After Kayaks Sink:

Two males both in their twenties had to be rescued from Pamlico Sound in the very early hours of Sunday morning nine hours after their kayaks sank. They apparently set off close to Oregon Inlet just south of South Nags Head. When their kayaks sank they called for help Saturday afternoon about 4:30 p.m. They did have on life vests. After calling for help and giving their location the two men apparently drifted about 9 miles to the southwest due to wind and waves The Coast Guard located the two close to 1:15 am Sunday using both boat and helicopter. The men were treated by paramedics. No names or their conditions have been released. Conditions at the coast on Saturday where very windy with winds about 14mph and gust of 16 mph. The sound was very choppy with whitecaps due to the strong wind from the northeast. Wave heights were about 1-2 feet in the sound.

8/31/15 Cape Point Open To ORV Traffic:

Cape Point on Hatteras Island in Buxton is now open to ORV access. The park service reopened the point to ORV access on Sunday August 30. Cape Point was closed to traffic 5 months ago on April 7, 2015 for the protection of nesting shorebirds. Cape Point is open just in time for the final Outer Banks tourist busy season holiday Labor Day weekend. With no tropical storms or hurricanes close to the eastern United States the next few weeks should provide nice weather for the Outer Banks. September is a great month to take a trip to the coast while the ocean water temperatures are still warm and the air temperature is still summerlike.

8/26/15  Drowning at the Outer Banks:

A New York man has drown after being pulled from the ocean at Duck at the Outer Banks. Emergency responders where called to the Northpoint subdivision in Duck Monday morning. CPR was being given by bystanders to 46 year old Ronald Walls, III. Walls was taken to the  Outer Banks Hospital but he did not survive and was pronounced dead just after noon. Wave heights were reported to be 4-6 ft Monday morning with no evidence of rip currents.

8/26/15 Unusual Creatures Washing Ashore On Beaches:

Unusual creatures not normally seen at the Outer Banks are being found on the beaches. Blue buttons (scientific name porpita porpita) are being seen washing up on the beaches or floating in the surf. Blue buttons are normally found in tropical waters but weather related conditions may be the reason for their appearance at the Outer Banks. Blue buttons are not jellyfish but are in the Portuguese man o’ war family. The blue buttons are round blue creatures about an inch wide. People can not feel the sting of a blue button but some irritation may result if a person comes in direct contact with the creature states Ocean Rescue Director David Elder. The bright blue round creatures are pretty and their appearance is a rare treat for those at the beach that see them.

8/18/15  Deadly Crash On Wright Memorial Bridge:

A deadly crash occurred in the westbound span of the Wright Memorial Bridge this past weekend. Two vehicles were involved. It happened about 1:15 am Saturday morning. A car headed west made a stop on the bridge after a T-top flew off the roof. The stopped driver was removing the top from the bridge when a second vehicle (a SUV) came up from behind and hit the back of the stopped vehicle. A 35 years old passenger in the first car was thrown from the car and died at the scene. The driver of the stopped car somehow ended up in the water. He was rescued from the water by a Currituck County water rescue team. He did not sustain any known injuries. The four occupants of the SUV were taken to The Outer Banks Hospital where two were later transferred to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. No charges have been filed. The westbound span of the Wright Memorial Bridge was closed for about three hours with traffic rerouted to the eastbound span until the crash site could be cleaned up and the crash scene investigated. Manisha Coleman of Elizabeth City was identified as the person who died after being thrown from the vehicle.

8/13/15 Two Oceanfront Homes In Corolla Burn:

Two oceanfront beach homes in Corolla were destroyed by a fire this past weekend. Another home received extensive damage. Fourteen people escaped from the fire. A neighbor saw the fire from across the street. The fire started in the very early hours of Saturday morning around 5:00am. The homes destroyed were in the 800 block of Lighthouse Drive in the neighborhood of Whalehead. Reports are that the fire may have started near the pool and spread to a deck. One of the families involved were on vacation at the Outer Banks and lost all their belongings in the fire as well as a car. A second car was burned by a second family. Only one person had to be treated for minor injuries. The cause of the fire is under investigation by the North Carolina SBI.

8/2/15  Katherine The Great White Shark Back At The Outer Banks:

Katherine the great white shark sure does like sending time off the North Carolina coast because she is back again for another visit. OCEARCH tracking has her swimming off the waters at the  Outer Banks as recent as July 31, 2015. Katherine is a frequent visitor to the Outer Banks. And last year she made it into the Pamlico Sound for a quick trip! This year she has been hanging around the Atlantic Ocean off the coasts of Georgia and both Carolinas instead of going south around Florida's coast and on into the Gulf of Mexico. Her friend Mary Lee, another great white that has visited the waters of the Outer Banks in the past is currently swimming in the waters off the Georgia coast. Visit OCEARCH website and see for yourself just where these two and other tagged sharks are at and where they are headed.

7/4/16 Eighth Shark Attack:

Another shark attack happened this past weekend at the North Carolina coast. On July 4th at Surf City a marine was bitten on his arm and hand. A 911 call was not made. The 32 year old marine was taken to the hospital by a friend where the victim was treated for shark bites. He was treated and released several hours later. The exact location of the attack is unknown except for the area being Surf City.

This would be the 8th time a shark attack has occurred on the North Carolina coast this summer. There are several different reasons being sited for the number of shark attacks that have taken place on the North Carolina coast this summer. Some of the reasons being named are: warm ocean water temperatures, the presence of turtles, fisherman fishing for shark and chumming to attract sharks, swimming too close to piers or people surf fishing, and an increase in the number of sharks.

7/1/2015   7th Shark Attack At Outer Banks:

Today there was another shark attack at the Outer Banks. This attack happened on Ocracoke Island today about 12:15pm at Lifeguard Beach. A 67 year old man from Massachusetts was pulled under the water by the shark as seen by a lifeguard. The man was swimming about 25-30 feet off shore. The man was reportedly bitten multiple times including his torso, hip, lower legs and both hands. He was reported to be alert after the attack.  He was treated at the scene then taken to the island airport and was airlifted to Vidant Medical Center in Greenville, NC. The shark was about 6-7 feet long. This makes the 7th shark attack that has occurred on the coast of North Carolina this summer.

6/27/15  Another Shark Attack Today KOA at Rodanthe:

Today about 4:00pm another person has been bitten by a shark at the NC coast. It is being reported a 17 or 18 year old boy has been bitten by a shark near the KOA campground/Rodanthe Pier on Hatteras Island at the Outer Banks. He was apparently bitten on his lower leg and on his hand. He was taken by Medflight to a hospital. This would be the 6th shark attack on the coast of North Carolina this month.

6/26/15   Man Bitten By Shark Near Avon Pier:

A man has reportedly been bitten multiple times by a shark while in the ocean near Avon Pier on Hatteras Island. It happened this morning at 11:40am near Beachcomber Drive.The man is about 50 years old and was apparently swimming with others. He was conscious and was taken by Dare County EMS to the Avon Medical Center. He was transported by helicopter to a hospital in Norfolk, Virginia. His name has not been released.

6/24/15  Avon Motel Damaged by Fire:

The Avon Motel had a fire today. Highway 12 had to be closed for a short period of time while multiple fire agencies on Hatteras Island first responded to the fire. The north side of the Avon Motel was damaged as well as other close by structures. Reports are the call came in about 11:40am just before lunch. Over 100 firefighters from several fire departments responded to the call. The fire was brought under control by about 2:00pm al thought the fire continued to burn until late in the afternoon. Highway 12 was initially closed but was later reopened to one lane of traffic.The cause of the fire is under investigation.

6/24/15 Fourth Person Attacked by Shark On NC Beach:

There was another shark attack on a North Carolina beach today. An 8 year old boy was bitten on the foot and leg while playing in the surf in Surf City, NC. He was taken to the hospital by his parents after he sustained minor leg an foot injuries after being bitten by a shark. This is the fourth time a person while at the North Carolina coast has been attacked by a shark.

6/14/15  Two  Victims of Shark Attack On NC Beach:

A teenage boy and a 12 year old girl were attacked by a shark over the weekend on the coast of NC. Both victims lost part of their arm. The girl (from Asheboro) was bitten while in the water at Oak Island near the Ocean Crest Pier at about 5:00pm. It is reported she has lost her hand and was also bitten in the hip or thigh area. The 16 year old boy (from Colorado) was in the water and has lost his arm. He was attacked about an hour later near the 55th St. Beach access. Both were in about waist deep water approximately 20 yards from shore. Two attacks in one afternoon at the same location has not happened in about 40 year. Both have undergone surgery and are reported to be in stable condition.

6/13/15  Wildfire North of Avon:

A wildfire burned about 20 acres of brush just north of Avon on Hatteras Island. The fire started late Friday night near a soundside access road. Multiple agencies responded to the wildfire including the National Park service, area fire departments, Dare County sheriff depart., NC Highway Patrol and Wildlife officers. Heavy equipment was brought in the move brush and trees to create a stop line to control the fire. No structures were damaged. Some hotspots had to be putout Saturday morning. The cause of the fire is not known and under investigation officials report.

5/16/15   Wright Memorial Bridge Open All Lanes:

Work has been completed on the Wright Memorial Bridge with all lanes on both spans open. Traffic on the bridge can be heavy during the summer months especially on the weekends. The Memorial Holiday Weekend is this weekend and the official start of the busy Outer Banks tourist season.

5/10/15 Tropical Storm Ana Bringing Wind and Rain to Outer Banks:

The early Tropical Storm Ana made landfall early this morning near Myrtle Beach, SC. As it moves up the coast over easter North Carolina the storm will continue to bring rain and breezy conditions to the coast. Rip current warnings have been in effect since Friday. Heavy rain is expected in some areas. Rough water and 8 foot waves have been reported in some southern beaches. An isolated threat of tornadoes remains for Sunday and Monday has the storm makes it way north over eastern and coast areas of the state.

5/8/15 Highway 12 Kitty Hawk Repaired and Has Reopened:

The sand has been removed and the area repaved. The road was reopened Friday but more work needs to be done next wee. The NCDOT reports the work will be done net week with work zone  signs in place to cautious drivers.

5/5/15    Highway 12 in Kitty Hawk Damaged:

Higher than normal high tide waves from a full moon and a coastal storm that occurred this past weekend has resulted in a portion of Highway 12 in Kitty Hawk being washed out. Waves were reported being as high has 8 feet on Friday and Saturday that pounded the beach causing beach erosion and loss of the dune line. About 100 yards of Highway 12 collapsed with the pavement breaking up and falling into the shoulder of the highway on the ocean side. Highway 12 was closed Saturday and a detour was put in place. The NCDOT have already begun repairs to the dune line and the pavement. Hopefully the work will be completed by the end of the week and Highway 12 can be reopened along that stretch in Kitty Hawk.Update

5/9/15  Wright Memorial Bridge Work in Final Stages:

Both lanes on both spans of Wright Memorial bridge will be open and traffic return to normal just in time for Memorial Weekend and the summer tourism season. The resurfacing project that has been taking place for the last 2 years will be completed by the end of next week (May 15th) the NCDOT announced. Final touches of painting the lanes will be done next week. The NCDOT had a date of completing the project before Memorial Day.

5/2/15   Oregon Inlet Reopens To Boaters:

Oregon Inlet is open to all boat traffic again. The Coast Guard reopened the restrictions now that dredging the inlet under the Boner Bridge has resulted in a deep of water safe enough to  allow passage. The channel is unmarked and boaters should proceed with caution, nor is the open channel charted. Oregon Inlet will be monitored by the Coast Guard for any changes or shoaling issues. Boaters using the inlet should refer to the latest information by the US Army Corps of Engineers-Manteo and Oregon Inlet.

4/25/15  Hatteras Storytelling Festival

The Hatteras Storytelling Festival is May 1-2, 2015 and takes place at the Hatteras Civic Center in Hatteras, NC. The fun starts Friday night May 1 at 5:00pm at the registration and welcome reception. Storytellers, artist and performers at the Hatteras Storytelling Festival are Danny Couch, Elvin Hooper, Clifford Swain, Ben Cherry, Nu-Blu, Rodney Kemp, James Charlet and poetry and stories by Hatteras Island Women. Friday night after the reception the storytelling begins and last till 10:00pm. Then the festival continues Saturday at 10:00am through 10:30pm. Come hear the stories, tales, folklore, history and music that will take place at the Hatteras Storytelling Festival. This will be fun, entertaining and educational for those of all ages. Listen to stories about pirates, shipwrecks, storms, myths, legends and life at the Outer Banks from those that know it best! For more information about the speakers and performers, and for a detailed schedule of the two-day event see Hatteras Storytelling Festival.

4/19/15   National Park Week Promotes Find Your Park

This is National Park Week from April 18-26, 2015 and the NPS wants you to find your park. The theme for this year is “Find Your Park”. The park service wants people from all over the United States to be a part of the Find Your Park movement. There will be free admission to all parks on April 18 and 19, 2015 plus special activities and programs being held all week-long. Find Your park and National Park Week promotes "wellness, recreation, community, education, history, culture, and preservation of the environment". The Outer Banks has several National Parks: Cape Hatteras National Seashore; Wright Brothers National Memorial and Fort Raleigh National Historic Site. And don't forget these National Parks at the Outer Banks are just some of America’s 407 national parks so Find your Park and go have some fun.

4/15/15 Passenger Ferry the Provincetown III Trial Run and Public Tour Dates:

The NCDOT ferry division announced that the passenger ferry they plan to try on a trial bases will be at the Outer Banks May 4-5, 2015. On May 4th the catamaran-style passenger ferry the  Provincetown III will make some trial runs between Hatteras and Ocracoke. The trial runs are part of a feasibility study to see if and how a passenger ferry could benefit the Outer Banks. On May 4th the Provincetown III will dock at the Hatteras Ferry Terminal on the south end of Hatteras Island. The public is invited to tour the ferry from 4:00pm-7:00pm. There will also be an open house meeting by the Ferry Division at the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum from 5:00pm-7:00pm where information will be available, questions answered and  comments will be heard. On May 5th more trial runs are planned and then the Provincetown III will dock at Silver Lake Harbor in Ocracoke. The public can tour the vessel from 4:00pm-7:00pm and an open house meeting will take place at the Ocracoke School gymnasium for information, questions and comments.

4/14/15   Great White Sharks Off North Carolina Coast:

Some familiar great white sharks are making another visit to the coast of North Carolina. Katherine is a regular visitor to the Outer Banks. She is a 14' 2" female white shark weighing 2300 pounds. She made a visit off the coast of the Outer Banks in January of 2015 and even went onto the Pamlico Sound.  She was also in the area in September of 2014 off the coast of Nags Head. She was tagged by OCEARCH in 2013.

Genie is another great white shark that is at the Outer Banks now. She was tagged by OCEARCH in 2012. Genie is about 14 ft  long and weighs almost 2300 pounds. Genie has been swimming in the Pamlico Sound the past few day according to the latest pings and locations on the OCEARCH website.

Great white shark #3 is further south off the coast of Wilmington, NC. The third shark is named Mary Lee. She has also made previous visits to our coast. Mary Lee was tagged in 2012 at Cape Cod by OCEARCH.  She is 16 ft long and weighs 3456 pounds.

To follow Katherine, Genie, Mary Lee and other tagged sharks go to

See video of Katherine the great white shark video on Outer Banks Guide News Video Page

OCEARCH is a non-profit organization that does research on great white sharks. OCEARCH  website provides tracking information, locations and individual shark profiles through the Global Shark Tracker. It's an interesting website. If you live near the coast or plan to visit the coast it is fun and informative information.

4/8/15  Cape Point Closed to ORV:

Cape Point has been closed to off-road vehicle access by the National Park Service due to sightings of breeding behavior by some American oystercatcher. The behavior was spotted south of ramp 44 know as "the Bypass" so access to the point was closed. At least Cape Point was open for the Easter holiday this year. But based on past years the point will probably remain closed until sometime in August.

3/31/15   Emergency Dredging of Oregon Inlet Starts April 1:

Dredging will begin Wednesday April 1 to Oregon Inlet. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will begin the emergency dredging to open to shallow inlet so large boats can resume using the channel to access the Atlantic Ocean by passing under the aging Bonner Bridge. The dredging will first pump sand and open up a 8-foot channel then a second dredge will work to make the channel 14 feet deep. Oregon Inlet is used by commercial fishing boats out of Wanchese as well as charter fishing boats out of Manteo and Oregon Inlet Fishing Center. The emergency dredging to open the inlet to the large boats is an economical necessity to the Outer Banks just as the popular summer tourist season is about to get underway.

3/29/15  Oregon Inlet Closed To Charter Fishing Vessels:

Oregon Inlet has been closed by the US Coast Guard, closed to large boats that have over a two-foot draft. The inlet is too shallow and in order to protect the aging Bonner Bridge the Coast Guard had to close the inlet. The channel under the high rise portion of the bridge has become too shallow again from shift sand. Dredging of the channel must take place before the inlet can be reopened to larger vessels. This ban includes area charter fishing boats from using the inlet to get to the Atlantic Ocean. Larger boats are banned from getting within 100 yards of the Bonner Bridge. Fines could result in up to $32,500 if the ban is ignored. The ban excludes smaller recreational boats. It is unknown when dredging can take place.

3/24/15  Recent Mammal Strandings Along Northern Beaches:

Over the past weekend there were three mammal strandings along the Outer Banks. On Saturday a young male porpoise was found on the beach in the Nags Head area and on Sunday in Corolla two sperm whales were discovered on the beach. The Outer Banks Marine Mammal Stranding Network was contacted and responded. The 3 1/2 foot porpoise died on the beach. The exact cause of death is unknown. Of the two adult female dwarf sperm whales strandings, one was dead when the stranding team and the National Park Service arrived, the other whale had to be euthanized hours later. The bodies of the whales were removed and will undergo a necropsy to determine the cause of death and stranding.

3/15/2015  Cedar Island to Ocracoke Island Ferry Runs Aground:

The Silver Lake, a 220-foot ferry that crosses the Pamlico Sound between Cedar Island and Ocrocoke Island ran aground Saturday March 14, 2015. The captain of the ferry called the Coast Guard late Saturday afternoon to report the problem. Coast Guard out of Hatteras Inlet Station responded and the crew assisted 14 passengers from the grounded ferry. The captain of the ferry reported the ferry got stuck after drifting into shallow water. No one was injured and there was no damage to the vessel or the environment. Plans are on Sunday to try and re-float the ferry with the help of a tugboat.

Update: The Silver Lake was towed to Ocrocoke Sunday. On Monday it will be towed to the shipyard and repaired at the shipyard before being used again. The ferry is reported to have lost steering and ran aground. The cars on board where removed after the ferry was towed to Ocracoke.

3/14/2015    Virginia Man Jumps From Nags Head Hotel and Dies:

An unidentified man from Virginia committed suicide in Nags Head by jumping from the 5th floor of the Comfort Inn South Oceanfront hotel. The man apparently jumped from the balcony of a room on the 5th floor. It happened Friday March 13th in the morning about 9:00AM. It is reported that he left evidence in the room that points to suicide. The Comfort Inn South Oceanfront is located on the beach road near Whalebone Junction where Highway 64 junctions with Highway 12 in Nags Head after crossing the causeway.

3/13/2015   Ashes of the Bear Lady” Kay Grayson Scattered On Her Property in Tyrell County:

Kay Grayson or the "Bear Lady" in Tyrrell County was found dead in January of this year. She lived in an isolated area and loved and protected the black bears that lived in the woods around her home near the small community of Alligator. Only pieces of torn clothes, hair and bone were discovered in the woods about 200 yards from her trailer. Law officials say it is possible she had been pulled into the woods by bears. How she died is unknown. An autopsy by the N.C. Medical Examiner’s Office in Greenville resulted in the cause of death to be undetermined.  Her niece stated her aunt’s body was cremated and her ashes were buried on her property.

Grayson was last seen about two weeks before she was found dead. Sheriff reports are that there was "no indication of foul play". Grayson had lived in the remote area near the small community of Alligator east of Columbia since the early 1990's. She loved nature and she loved the black bears and would often complain about thehunting of the bears. It was reported she used to feed the bears, some of them even eating right out of hand.

2/1/2015   US Coast Guard Rescue Boaters 200 Miles Off Cape Hatteras:

Five boaters had to be rescued off the coast of North Carolina by the US Coast Guard on Friday. Their 55-foot catamaran the Rain Maker broke a mast Friday afternoon when they were about 200 miles off the NC coast southeast of Cape Hatteras. The Coast Guard rescue ship arrived but was unable to get near enough to remove the boaters. A Jayhawk helicopter arrived on scene late in the afternoon and all five of the boaters where lifted off the catamaran. After being removed the boaters were flown to Manteo, NC to the  Dare County Regional Airport. The broken mast was caused by high winds and seas.

1/29/2015  Bonner Bridge Works Causes Lane Closures Till June:

The NCDOT will be closing one lane of traffic on the Bonner Bridge at the Outer Banks while work crews make repairs to the concrete on the underside of the bridge. The work will continue until June. The bridge will not be completely closed. The lane closure will be Monday through Friday during the day. Traffic lane closures will not be on the weekends. This is routine maintenance for the Bonner Bridge. The matter of replacing the Bonner Bridge is still up in the air with no public information available.

1/18/2015  Hatteras To Ocracoke Passenger Ferry:

The North Carolina Ferry System will have trail runs for a passenger ferry this spring between the to island of Hatteras and Ocracoke. The passenger ferry is approximately 90 feet long and 40 feet wide and would carry up to 149 passengers with a crew of three(a captain and only two deck hands). The passenger ferry could travel up to 28 knots per hour making the travel time from Hatteras Village to Ocracoke village about one and a half hours. The addition of the passenger ferry would hopefully decrease car ferry traffic and improve the wait time for boarding cars at the ferry terminal. The longer route being used by the car ferries now due to shoaling problems means in peak season people in their cars are having to wait a long time. Dredging the inlet is very expensive and is not working in the long term and adding an additional car ferry would cost millions. A passenger ferry make be the answer to saving money and helping tourism.

1/16/2015 Both November Fires Ruled Accidental:

The two fires that occurred in November have both been ruled "accidental" by the Dare County fire marshal. The fire at Outer Beaches Realty on November 18, 2014 was during the night. The middle of the building was heavily damaged. The exact cause of the fire is not known but the fire marshall ruled out arson as a reason. Work has begun to tear down the middle portion of the realty office with plans to rebuild. The Avon office of Outer Beaches Realty has been temporarily relocated.The other fire that was at Lee Robinson General Store in Hatteras Village on November 23, 2014 has also been ruled accidental. The fire marshal reported the cause of the fire may have been due to a bad electrical cord. The owners reopened within two days.

1/12/2015 Information Sought On Deer Poaching Incident on Hatteras Island:

Sometime during the week of December 14th a male deer was killed on Hatteras Island. The head was taken but not the body of the animal. The male deer was frequently seen by locals and reportedly had a large rack (of antlers on his head).Hunting within the Cape Hatteras National Seashore is illegal. The body was found between Salvo and Avon on the north end of Hatteras Island. The National Park Service along with other agencies is asking for persons with any information to contact them. Poaching has the potential for fines, jail, gun and vehicle property forfeiture and or loss of hunting license. A reward is being offered by the Dare Community Crimeline. Call (252)-473-3111 or (800)-745-2746.

1/11/2015  Great White Shark Katherine Cruising in the Pamlico Sound!

Katherine is a 14'2" female white shark weighing 2300 pounds. She was tagged by OCEARCH in 2013 and can be tracked at Katherine has been cruising the Atlantic Ocean just off the North Carolina coast but on Jan. 9th she swam through the Outer Banks Oregon Inlet and has been cruising around the Pamlico Sound. By Jan. 10th Katherine had made it south in the sound toward Ocracoke Island. Later that afternoon she had exited thru the Hatteras - Ocracoke Inlet and was back in the Atlantic Ocean south of Buxton. Beware Outer Bankers, you just never know what lurks beneath the surface of the water!

11/24/2014  Lee Robinson General Store Damaged by Fire on Sunday:

The  Lee Robinson General Store in Hatteras Village had a fire that caused damage to the west end of the building. The owners who live next door to the store smelled smoke and noticed the fire Sunday a few minutes after 4:00pm. They called 911 and  multiple agencies responded including the Hatteras Village Volunteer Fire Department, the  Frisco Volunteer Fire Department, the Buxton Volunteer Fire Department, Dare County Emergency Medical Services, the Hatteras Island Rescue Squad, and Dare County Sheriff's Office. The owners plan to reopen on Tuesday 11/25/14 at 12:00 noon.  Damage to the outside of the building was reported as minimal with little damage to the inside. At the time of the fire there was light rain and little wind which helped the firefighter quickly gain control of the fire.

11/18/2014  Fire Overnight at Outer Beaches Realty in Avon:

Update on 11/24/14-No cause of the fire has been determined and an investigation is still underway. There was severe damaged to the center part of the building where the offices were located. A temporary office has been setup across the street from Outer Beaches Realty in Avon. The Waves and Hatteras Village Outer Beaches Realty offices are also being used for other services. Outer Beaches Realty is up and running for rental owners and renters.

There was a fire overnight at the Avon office of Outer Beaches Realty on Hatteras Island. No one was injured but the building suffered quite a bit of damage. Several Hatteras Island Fire Departments responded to the early morning fire. Outer Beaches Realty have a statement that they are in  the early stages of resuming business and refer everyone to the Waves office for now. No cause for the fire has been determined yet. Responders have been on scene all day. See picture at this link.

11/13/14  Work Begins On Raising Highway 12 to Pea Island Bridge Approaches:

Work has begun by the NCDOT on Hatteras Island at the temporary bridge on Pea Island. To prevent overwash on Highway 12 at the site of the bridge crews are raising the level of the road at both ends. This means while the work is being done traffic will be down to one lane with workers directing traffic through the work zone. The project should only take about a month the NCDOT reports. Hopefully raising the  elevation at both ends of the highway leading to the temporary bridge in the Pea Island area will help reduce the frequent flooding issues that keeps happening. The replacement bridge project is now on hold with no end in site sadly. Now both the Pea Island replacement bridge and the replacement of the Bonner Bridge are tied up in legal issues with no comments from all involved.

11/4/2014   Temporary Pea Island Bridge to Get Work Soon:

While work on the new replacement bridge at Pea Island has been halted until the Bonner Bridge replacement court case has been settled now there is a plan to repair the temporary bridge at Pea Island to prevent overwash flooding that continues to be a problem to Hatteras Island access and flow of traffic on Highway 12.. The NC Depart. Of Transportation announced plans to raise the approaches to the bridge. The NCDOT ‘s plans are to raise the north end of the temporary bride about 18" and raise the south end about 9". In addition the NCDOT hopes to build a berm/sand dunes on the ocean side to protect overwash from frequent higher than normal hightides that cause  flooding of Highway 12. Work may start has soon as the repaving on Ocracoke Island can be completed and equipment moved to the Pea Island area.

11/3/2014  Two Rescued 50 Miles of Cape Hatteras:

Two people had to call the Coast Guard after being caught in the low pressure system off the North Carolina cost this past weekend. The man and woman were were hoisted off their sailboat late Saturday afternoon by a Coast Guard Helicopter from Elizabeth City. It was reported that they were about 50 miles off the coast of Cape Hatteras and made the call because they were worried about weather conditions. Their names were not released, there was no report of injuries suffered by the couple.

10/29/14 Antares Rocket Explodes Seconds Into Launch:

The unmanned rocket launch of the Antares on Wallops Island, VA was rescheduled from Monday night to Tuesday evening. At 6:22pm last night the rocket exploded just seconds after launch. The rocket was a cargo mission carrying supplies to the ISS. No one was injured at Wallops Flight Facility but there was damage to the pad and multiple fires. See the video here.

10/26/2014  Night Time Virginia Rocket Launch to be Visible on Outer Banks:

There is another rocket launch from Wallops Island, Virginia that should be visible from the North Carolina Outer Banks Monday evening. This time the launch is at night time. It happens tomorrow night Monday October 27, 2014 at 6:45pm. The weather is forecast to be clear so it should be easy to spot the rocket launch out over the ocean looking to the northeast.

10/26/2014  Head On Collision Friday on the Wright Memorial Bridge:

There was a head on collision on the Wright Memorial Bridge Friday Oct. 24 that backed up traffic for hours. There are reports of a man driving on the bridge and having a heart attack. He was taken by medical helicopter to a hospital and was in critical condition. The Wright Memorial Bridge continues to be partially closed with two way traffic on just one span of the bridge.

10/23/2014 Graveyard of the Atlantic Includes WWII German U-boat:

The Graveyard of the Atlantic can add one more wreck to the list, a World War II German U-boat. Thirty miles off the coast of Cape Hatteras a World War II German U-boat was found in August. The German submarine, U-576 was sunk in a battle during WWII on July 14, 1942. All 45 crew members of the U-boat died. The wreck site is protected by international law because it is considered a war grave.The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Office of Marine Sanctuaries expedition discovered the wreck of the German U-boat along with the nearby wreck of an American merchant ship Bluefields. The Bluefields sank in the battle that day but there where no casualties. The battle between Germany and the United States in the Battle of the Atlantic in 1042  took place just 30 miles off shore and may be a surprise to many. Just how close the Germanys were to US soil during WWII looking back is scary.

10/15/2014 Shark Feeding Frenzy at Cape Lookout:

A shark feeding frenzy was recently recorded at the Cape Lookout National Seashore at the North Carolina Outer Banks. The youtube video show about 100 sharks feeding in a school of blue fish in the shallow surf on the beach. The shark feeding frenzy is going viral on youtube and on television news shows.

So take a look at the shark feeding frenzy here.

10/8/2014  Outer Banks Seafood Festival Oct. 18:

The Outer Banks Seafood Festival is October 18, 2014 at the Outer Banks Event Site in Nags Head at Mile Post 16. At the seafood festival will be restaurants, sponsors, venders, educational programs, cooking demonstrations, local seafood  and more. This is the 3rd Annual Outer Banks Seafood Festival! Fun for the entire a family. There will be some great Outer Banks seafood at the festival. The festival would be a great time to spend  a weekend at the Outer Banks!

10/8/2014  Man Drowns at Southern Shores Update:

There was a drowning at the Outer Banks on Friday October 3, 2014 at Southern Shores. A man from Binghamton, New York was pulled from the ocean and brought to shore where CPR was performed. Reports are that the man was struggling in the water about 150 yards from the beach. When rescued and brought onto the beach he was unresponsive and was later pronounced dead. He name is currently not available. Reports now are he may have been caught in a rip current. His name was Nathan E. Kruser and he was 38 years old. Mr. Kruser along with his family were on vacation at the Outer Banks.

9/27/2014 Work Resumes on Wright Memorial Bridge:

Work on Wright Memorial Bridge is underway again. The westbound 2 lane side of the bridge is closed for work. The eastbound 2 lanes side is open but with 2 way traffic. Both eastbound and westbound traffic use the same side of the bridge now. Expect delays at peak times and especially on the weekends. Pay attention to traffic signs and stay alert when using the Wright Memorial Bridge to access the Outer Banks. This project was stopped for the busy summer months but now work has resumed.

9/20/2014   14 ft. White Shark Katherine Off Nags Head Coast:

Katherine, a female White Shark , is hanging out off the NC coast again. She is 14 ft. 2 in. long and weighs about 2,300 lb. Recent pings from her tracking device on OCEARCH locate her recently off the North Carolina Outer Banks in the Nags Head area. She is headed north in the Atlantic Ocean traveling up the Eastern US coast toward Virginia.

9/20/2014  Rodanthe Beach Nourishment Project Finished:

The Rodanthe beach nourishment project has been completed on Hatteras Island. The company is wrapping up by removing equipment which should take about a week. Things will return to normal at the north end of the beach in Rodanthe. Close to 2 million cubic yards of sand was pumped onto shore to make the vulnerable site wider. The wider beach on the ocean side of Highway 12 at the "S-curves" will hopefully provide better protection to the highway during storms and hurricanes that are common on the Outer Banks. The beach nourishment project cost about $20 million and was paid for using Hurricane Sandy emergency relief funds.

9/18/2014  Ocean Overwash occurring at Pea Island Bridge on Hatteras Island:

Oceanside overwash problem at Pea Island Bridge due to the higher then normal tides at the Outer Banks. Hurricane Eduoard is no where close to the Easter United States but it is the reason for the higher tide and the northeast wind that are causing the overwash problem at the north end of Hatteras Island. The ocean water is flowing over the southside of the temporary Pea Island bridge and covering Highway 12, but the highway is passable. The winds are predicted to be  about 20mph for the next 2 days, so high tide for the next 48 hours will  be a problem at the site till Saturday.

9/17/2014 Two Whales Found Beached on Nags Head Beach:

Two whales were found beached on the NC coast Tuesday in Nags Head. A mother and her calf pygmy sperm whales had beached themselves. Onlookers tried to help them back into the surf but were unsuccessful when the mammals kept coming ashore. When the Outer Banks Marine Mammal Stranding Network arrived after being  called the two whales were sedated and removed from the beach, then euthanized. Whales that beach themselves are usually sick. Test will be performed to  determine the cause of the stranding by the two whales. The mother was about 3 meters long and the calf was 1.5 meters long.

9/14/2014 Four Day Bluegrass Block Party Hatterasity Coming in October!

Hatteras Island is having a Bluegrass Block Party! Hatterasity will be October 9-12, 2014 in Hatteras Village which is at the southern end of Hatteras Island. The four day event will include Bluegrass, Irish, Acoustic and Roots Music. Music by James King,Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road, Mama Corn, Chad Darou & Stealing Time, Kevin Richardson & Cuttin' Edge, The Crop Circle Agents, and Ocracoke Island's own Molasses Creek.Fresh seafood, BBQ and live music with a Hatteras location. Campgrounds located nearby. Bluegrass on Hatteras Island, what more can you want!

9/13/2014  Pea Island New Bridge Construction Delayed by NCDOT:

The NCDOT is delaying the construction of the new Pea Island bridge project until the court case involving the replacement of the Bonner Bridge is settled. This was just announced Wednesday. Why this decision by the NCDOT was made has not been made public.The temporary bridge was quickly put up in 2011 after Hurricane Irene cut a new inlet at the north end of Hatteras Island near the Pea Island Refuge. This temporary bridge remains open and access to Hatteras Island is not affected. Bur why the state announced the permanent 2.1 mile replacement bridge construction to be delayed is a mystery. Construction crews have been working for months to lay down new asphalt for the lanes shifts needed before the construction of the bridge itself was started. The NCDOT ordered the construction company to stop work on the bridge Tuesday Sept. 9, 2014. The legal battle over replacing the Bonner Bridge connecting South Nags Head to Hatteras Island has been a long and complicated legal issue for years. Now the situation gets even worse with the delay of both badly needed bridges at the Outer Banks.

9/9/2014 Day at the Docks Next Week in Hatteras Village:

Day at the Docks in Hatteras Village is Sept. 18-20, 2014. Entertainment, music, food, local art and crafts, kids activities. This is an annual  event that started a few years ago after the community had to pull together to recover from the island’s devastation by Hurricane Isabel in 2003. It is a unique coastal celebration with exhibits that reflect a coastal and fishing way of life. Fishing nets, fishing  boats, the US Coast Guard, fish print tee shirts, crab races, boat parade  and the moving Blessing of the Fleet.  Not to mention the Seafood Throwdown and many new activities that have been added this year. For more information go to Day at the Docks 2014.

9/8/2014 New ORV Ramp 25 Opens 9/11/14 on Hatteras Island:

The new ramp on Hatteras Island Ramp 25 will open on Sept. 11, 2014. Ramp 23 is located off Highway 12 on between Salvo and Avon. The nearby paved parking area is not ready and will not open the day the ramp opens. The Park Service made the new ramp a priority. Ramp 25 opens just in time for the fall fishing season. This is a remote stretch of beach and should become a favorite area for ORV access.

9/3/2014  Outer Banks Bluegrass Island Festival Starts 9/25/14:

The Outer Banks Bluegrass Island Festival is just weeks away. It takes place at Roanoke Island Festival Park on September 25-28, 2014. This year's lineup of performers is a really good one!This three day event will be a treat for bluegrass music fans. Some of the performers at the festival this year: Steve Dilling and Sideline, The Lonesome River Band, Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder, The Grass Cats, Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver,Dailey & Vincent, Balsam Range, Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road,Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out, Blue Highway and Rhonda Vincent. Tim White will be the emcee. Get your tickets now at Outer Banks Bluegrass Island Festival and plan to attend this three day event at the Outer Banks. If you like bluegrass music this will be a great bluegrass festival. Bluegrass at the Outer Banks with the cool ocean breezes-doesn't get much better than that!

9/1/2014   Corolla in Talks With NCDOT About Possible Walkway/Bike Path:

For the past two summers pedestrians have been hit and killed while walking along Highway 12 in Currituck County at the Outer Banks. The most recent was just days ago when exchange student Asen Zahariev was hit and killed. Currituck County officials are now reassuring people that they are now working with the NCDOT on plans to address the problem. There is no walkway or bike path along that section of road and many people have complained or voiced concern over the dangers of walking along Highway 12 in Corolla during the busy summer months.

8/28/2014   Young Man Killed by Hit and Run Driver Was An Exchange Student From Bulgaria:

The Outer Banks death of the young man that was killed Monday night by the hit and run accident in Corolla was an exchange student that had been working at Harris Teeter and Dunkin Donuts. The exchange student, Asen Zahariev from Bulgaria, was 22 years old and was soon returning to Bulgaria. He was leaving work in Corolla and had been walking home Monday night when Peter Luke, Jr. hit the exchange student and left the scene. Luke went the next morning to the fire station saying he thought he had hit a deer the night before.  Luke has bonded out of jail after being charged with the fatal hit and run.

8/26/2014  Hit and Run Driver Kills Pedestrian in Corolla:

A pedestrian was killed Monday night while walking along Highway 12 in Corolla at the Outer Banks. Asen Zahariev, who was 22 years old , was struck and killed by a hit and run driver. The accident happened about 11:00PM Monday night. Tuesday morning, Peter Thomas Luke Jr., 37 years old, of Corolla went to the Corolla fire department and said he may have hit a deer the night before. Luke has been charged with felony hit and run causing serious injury or death. He is in the Currituck County Jail with a bond of $20,000. Tests were taken to check if he was under the influence of anything even though it had been several hours since the accident.

8/26/2014  Cape Point Opens to ORV:

The National Park service reopened Cape Point to ORV traffic this morning. The last turtle nest hatched and was excavated this morning so the park service removed the barriers to the ramps to Cape Point.

8/25/2014  Hatteras/Ocracoke One Hour Crossing Ferry Route Now Permanent Route:

The Hatteras/Ocracoke one hour ferry route referred to as the alternate ferry route is now the permanent route the ferry system will use between the two islands.This news was just made public by the US Coast Guard recently. The old route took only 40 minutes to cross the inlet, but due to shoaling and continuous dredging that didn't help keep the 40 minute route deep enough for the ferry vessels to cross safely the decision was made to permanently use the longer route. The longer route is 7.7 miles in length and takes one hour to cross the inlet between Hatteras Island and Ocracoke Island. The NC Ferry System has been using the longer route for about 9 months now. Now it is the official and permanent route with channel markers to be fitted with beacon to mark the newer route.

8/22/2014  Boy Hit by Car On US 64 Causeway at Nags Head:

A boy from Virginia was hit by a car on US 64 causeway in Nags Head Thursday Aug. 21, 2014. He is 12 years old, and was with his father in the crosswalk at Melvin Daniels Bridge when he was hit by a local woman from Wanchese. The boy was treated by Care County EMS then flown to a Norfolk hospital in serious condition. The woman from Wanchese driving the car that hit the child was cited for failure to reduce speed and failure to yield to a pedestrian.

8/21/2014  Manteo Woman Dies in Single Car Crash:

Belinda Tillett, 43 years old, from Manteo was killed Wednesday night in a single car wreck. She was driving on Airport Rd. when she reportedly crossed the center line, ran off the road and struck a tree. She was not wearing a seatbelt and was ejected from her SUV when it overturned after hitting the tree. Excessive speed was a factor. The wreck happened close to 11:00 p.m. Wednesday night. She was the only person in the SUV at the time of the wreck.

8/14/2014 Update  to Jessen Cause of Death:

Until the results of the toxicology report comes back, the death of Ronald Jessen who's body was found face down in the water at the Frisco Wood Campground has been ruled an accidental drowning by the medical examiner. Mr. Jessen was reported missing Saturday night. His body was found Monday morning in the water at the campground. At this time the Dare County Sheriff's department report Jessen's death was nothing more than an accident. Jessen was 57 years old and was from Gloucester, Virginia.

8/11/2014  Body of Missing Man from Frisco Woods Campground Found:

Ronald Jessen, 57 years old and from Gloucester, Virginia was reported missing Saturday night just after 10:00 PM from the Frisco Woods Campground. A search by Dare County Sheriff's Office and National Park rangers took place. Sadly his body was found this morning Monday August 11, 2014. The body was found by someone passing by and a call was made to Dare County Sheriff's office with the information. The body was found in the water near the Frisco Woods Campground. The cause of death has not been determined yet.

8/11/2014 Wicked Tuna North vs South to Air Sunday 8/17 on National Geographic Channel:

Wicked Tuna North Vs South will air on Sunday August 17, 2014 at 10:00pm(ET). Wicked Tuna North bluefin tuna fisherman will go against Outer Banks of North Carolina bluefin tuna fisherman in the waters off the North Carolina coast. The Northern Boats are Hard Merchandise, Hot Tuna and Pin Wheel. The Southern Boats are Wahoo with Captain Reed Meredith and brother Banks, Outer Banks born and raised; Fishin' Frenzy with Captain Greg Mayer; and Doghouse with Captain Britton Shackelford. Watch Wicked Tuna North vs South Trailer Or go to National Geographic for more indepth info on the boats.

8/9/2014  Roanoke River  Lighthouse Grand Opening Set For August 15 in Edenton:

North Carolina has another lighthouse to be proud of. The restoration is complete and the 1886 Roanoke River Lighthouse Grand Opening will be on August 15, 2014 in Edenton, NC at 10:00am in Colonial Park. The Roanoke River Lighthouse was built in 1886 and served as a guide for ships traveling through the waters of the Albemarle Sound and into the Roanoke River. Due to the booming export of tobacco in the late 1800’s these waters were busy shipping waterways. Decommissioned, moved and left to deteriorate, hard work by volunteers, preservationists and public officials have been working to move and restore the Roanoke River Lighthouse to its new location. It’s new site is a beautiful setting in Colonial Park on the water in the town of Edenton. A perfect day trip, overnighter, or detour on the way to the Outer Banks would well be worth it to visit the new lighthouse and discover the history.

8/8/14  Ohio Man Dies One Day After Ocean Rescue From Frisco Beach:

Stuart Hooper from Cincinnati, Ohio died on Thursday after being pulled from the ocean on Wednesday on Hatteras Island. A call was made about a swimmer being in trouble near Ramp 49 in Frisco. He was brought to shore by Hatteras Island Rescue Squad and Dare County EMS. CPR was carried out and he was transported by ambulance to the medical center in nearby Avon, then airlifted to Norfolk hospital. Hatteras Island Rescue Squad and Dare County EMS members were told on Thursday that Mr. Hooper had died. He was 44 years old and had been at the beach with his wife and 2 kids.

8/6/14  Man Jumps From Wright Memorial Bridge at Outer Banks and Dies:

A man parked his truck on the high rise section of the Wright Memorial Bridge at the Outer Banks and apparently jumped from the bridge into the sound below. His body was recovered by Kitty Hawk Ocean Rescue. His name has not been made public. Law enforcement reportedly found a note left in the truck.

8/5/14  Whale Washes Ashore at Myrtle Beach, SC:

A whale washes ashore on the beach at Myrtle Beach Sunday evening. Police received several calls about the whale. The 8-10 foot whale was alive and obviously suffering. The underside of the whale was very bloody and caused for an ugly scene. People on the beach were unhappy about the lack of action taken. The whale was rolling in the surf and the water was red from blood. A vet came on scene. The whale had to be euthanized and will undergo a necropsy. State and federal law bans helping an animal back out to sea because of the possibility of spreading a disease. See video (warning-video can be disturbing to some).

7/30/14  Man Drowns Near Salvo on Hatteras Island While Snorkeling:

A visitor on Hatteras Island at the Outer Banks drowned on Monday July, 28, 2014. The 51 year old man from Canada drowned off the beach of Salvo shortly after noon. He was reportedly snorkeling about 30 feet from shore when apparently waved for help. Two bystanders brought the man to shore and began CPR. Chicamacomico Banks Water Rescue and Dare County EMS responded. The victim was pronounced dead after being removed from the beach. His name has not been released.

7/26/14   Rodanthe Beach Nourishment Project Pumping Sand:

The NCDOT NC 12 facebook page report that the Rodanthe beach nourishment project is almost ready to start pumping sand to widen the beaches at that location. They have been setting up equipment and dredge pipes for a couple of weeks and will now start pumping the sand onto the beach. The work area is fenced off  for safety reason obviously. The rest of the beach in Rodanthe is open. Don't let this interfere with any Outer Banks travel. In fact it may be quite interesting to watch!

7/20/2014 Security Exercises Take Place on Hatteras/Ocracoke Ferry Route and Terminals:

Security exercise drills were held Sunday July, 20 on the Hatteras-Ocracoke ferry route and both ferry terminals. The exercise is used to test and improve the security of the ferry system. Involved in the exercise that took place were: the North Carolina Department of Transportation's Ferry Division; the Transportation Security Administration's Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR) team; Dare County and Hyde County law enforcement agencies; Dare County and Hyde County emergency services agencies; and the U.S. Coast Guard Sector North Carolina. Drills like this have been performed in the past. This drill was not in response to any threat.

7/18/2014 CRAB Causing  A Lot of Attention at Rodanthe:

The beach nourishment project in Rodanthe has begun and is in the early stages. Equipment is on the beach mapping elevations. The unusual looking piece of equipment called a CRAB (Coastal Research Amphibious Buggy) is causing a lot of attention. Many people are curious about the strange looking machine and what it is being used for. The beach nourishment project will pipe sand from the ocean up onto the beach making the beach wider and adding hopefully more protection the vulnerable Highway 12. The project will continue thru the remainder of the summer season and into early fall. See the CRAB at work at Nags Head in 2011.

7/14/2014 Outer Banks Sharks:

Worried about sharks at the Outer Banks while on vacation? Track them at OCEARCH. Search all sharks or search by name. Katharine is a 21 ft great white shark that’s been cruising the East Coast and the Gulf of Mexico recently. Mary Lee has visited the Outer Banks a few times! Take a look if you dare!

7/12/2014  Outer Banks Featured on Scotty McCreery’s Summer Fun Beach Video “Feelin” It”:

Scotty McCreery's latest video to his new song "Feelin' It" was shot at the North Carolina Outer Banks. His new song about summer fun with friends at the beach features the Bodie Island Lighthouse, cruising down Highway 12, dancing under Jeanette's Pier, frolicking in the sound and stopping for ice cream at Dune Burger. The video was reportedly shot this summer and has just been released. It sure makes the Outer Banks look fun! Watch the video here!

7/10/2014  Beach Nourishment Project for Rodanthe on Hatteras Island:

The narrow strip of land that Highway 12 runs through near Rodanthe on Hatteras Island is always a problem spot when storms hit the island. The NCDOT requested beach nourishment for  2 miles along Highway 12 to protect the highway from future ocean overwash. This area is often referred to as the S-Curves on Hatteras Island. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has awarded a $20.3 million contract to Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co. LLC of Oak Brook, Illinois to build up the dunes along the S-Curves. This will be a temporary fixed until the long term plan for a bridge can be finalized. Several houses along the highway as you enter Rodanthe from the north have been lost due to erosion, storms and overwash in recent years past due to nor'easters and hurricanes. Now the only protection in place are huge sandbags and artificial dunes. This beach nourishment project will involve building out a 100 yard wide beach to provide a greater buffer zone between the ocean and Highway 12.

7/2/2014  Ocean Rescue Director Dives Off Pier to Rescue Loggerhead Turtle:

A loggerhead turtle in distress was rescued by the Kill Devil Hills Ocean Rescue director when the director Dave Elder dove 700 ft off the Avalon Pier into the ocean. He swam to the turtle that was entangled in netting and a plastic bottle. The turtle was exhausted and not able to dive due to the netting and plastic bottle. The director brought the turtle to shore and it was taken to the Sea Turtle Assistance and Rehabilitation Center on Roanoke Island at the North Carolina Aquarium. Awesome!

7/1/2014 NC Teen Drowns at the Outer Banks:

Thomas Harman, 16 years old, from Fuquay-Varina drowned Saturday June 28 while swimming in the ocean at Corolla at the North Carolina Outer Banks. There was a moderate threat of rip currents that had been posted for Saturday. Harmon was swimming with a group, all of who were helped out of the water, but Harman could not be located. His body was found two days later in the surf Monday morning about 10:00. It was near the same area that he had disappeared.

6/25/2014   Hatteras-Ocracoke 1 hour Ferry Route to Remain Due to Shoaling:

The Ferry Division of the NCDOT reports that after more than three weeks of dredging the Hatteras Inlet is still to shallow in places to safely navigate and return to the original Hatteras-Ocracoke ferry route. Therefore the longer route will have to remain in use. The longer route takes about 20 minutes longer making the 40 minute crossing a 60 minute crossing. The ferry system has been using the "alternate" route for about 6 months. The US Army Corps of Engineers works with the NC Ferry Division on Hatteras Inlet shoaling problems. For an up to date ferry schedule go to NCDOT Ferry Schedule . You can also download the NC ferry app. Use the app to get the NC ferry schedules; call and make reservations for a ferry; and link to the DOT's website for more information.

6/24/2014 Man Dies After Being Buried in the Sand on Hatteras Island Beach:

David Frasier, a 49 year old man from Fredericksburg, VA died on Hatteras Island Monday June, 23, 2014 after being buried in 5-6 feet of sand. Frasier was on the beach near Salvo and near Ramp 27. He was digging a tunnel between two holes in the sand when it collapsed on him. People close by tried to dig him out and start CPR while waiting for emergency responders to arrive. Reports are he was unresponsive when emergency responders arrived to the scene. After being buried for about 15-20 minutes he died later.

6/16/2014  Winner of the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament:

The winner of the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament 2014 is Inspiration with Captain Casey Wagner. The angler that caught the winning blue marlin is Bruce Brown. He pulled in a 754.3 pound blue marlin. It took Brown 4 hours and 35 minute to reel the marlin in. Brown is from Nags Head, NC. The winning 754.3 pound blue marlin is the third largest blue marlin in the Big Rock Tournament history.

5/28/2014 800 Pound Alligator Killed on Highway 64 Near Manns Harbor:

A 12’ 4” foot alligator weighing 800 pounds was hit and killed by a motorist on Highway 64  nears Manns Harbor near the North Carolina Outer Banks. The dead alligator had to be removed from the roadside by heavy equipment because of it’s size and weight.

5/25/2014 Cape Hatteras Makes Top 10 Best Beaches List Again for 2014:

Cape Hatteras ranked as the #6 best beaches on list by Dr. Stephen Leatherman of Florida International University annual best beaches ranking list in the United States for 2014. This is up 2 slots from last year when Cape Hatteras beaches was ranked #8 in 2013.  Reasons listed for making the Top 10 best beaches list were "best board surfing", "famous lighthouse" and "historic fishing villages".

5/16/2014   Wright Memorial Bridge Reopens All Lanes:

Beach travelers headed to the North Carolina Outer Banks have good news. Wright Memorial Bridge has been reopened to both lanes of traffic. Work on the bridge started last fall causing lane closures during the winter months. Now as promised, all lanes are open just in time for Memorial Day and the summer influx of beach travelers to the coast. More work on the Wright Memorial Bridge is needed but that work will resume in September after the busy summer season is over.

5/10/2014 New Coat of Paint for Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and Stones Being Moved:

The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is getting a fresh coat of paint and the engraved lightkeeper stones (cut from the base when the lighthouse was moved in 1999) are being moved to a new location. The massive stone blocks are being moved closer to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and will be placed in a semi-circle to form an outdoor theater called Keeper of the Light Amphitheater. A trip to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is a must with all the improvements taking place!

4/24/2014  Outer Banks Lighthouse Open for Climbing:

Outer Banks Lighthouses open for climbing on the coast of North Carolina. The Bodie Island Lighthouse in South Nags Head and the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in Buxton on Hatteras Island are both now open for the season for climbing. The Bodie Island Lighthouse has guided tours for climbing to the top. The climb to the tops offers magnificent views of the marshland around the lighthouse, the Pamlico Sound and the Atlantic Ocean. At the top of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse the view is also magnificent with the Atlantic Ocean, the town of Buxton and the Pamlico Sound visible.

On May 14 Cape Lookout Lighthouse opens to the public for climbing.  The climb is self-guide in groups of 10 every 15 minutes and is open only Wed-Sat. during the spring and summer months. Cape Lookout is located in the Cape Lookout National Seashore. The Cape Lookout Visitors Center is located on Harkers Island about 20 miles east of nearby Beaufort, NC. Cape Lookout Lighthouse can only be reached by private ferry service or boat.

4/15/2014  NC ferry System Updates App:

The NC ferry system app has been available for free download since 2010 but now the app is even better. A recent update to the app now lets travelers know the ferry schedule with real time information on the 14 routes in the NC State Ferry System. Due to weather and shoaling problems on the NC coast some ferry routes and schedules can be changed suddenly. With the updated app officials say the ferry schedules are always current. People can use the app to get the ferry schedules, call and make reservations for a ferry and link to the DOT's website for more information. The NC ferry app has been downloaded more than 4,000 times. If you travel the NC Outer Banks and coastal region the app is a real necessity and convenience.

4/7/2014   Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Foundation Stones to be Moved:

The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse foundation stones engraved with the lightkeeper's names that sit in a circle at the old lighthouse site will be moved closer to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse’s current location. The stones have been subjected to sand and overwash in the recent years due to hurricanes and storms. They now sit mostly covered by sand. When moved the stones will be placed in a semicircle according to the Hatteras Island Genealogical and Preservation Society spokeswoman.

3/5/2014  Construction Begins on Permanent Pea Hill Bridge on Hatteras Island:

Construction on a permanent  Pea Hill bridge has begun on Hatteras Island at the Outer Banks to replace the temporary bridge on Highway 12. The new  bridge is a 2.1 mile long bridge that will cost $79.7 million. It will be built next to the temporary bridge that was quickly built just after Hurricane Irene in 2011 that cut the new inlet. Traffic will be affected with planned detours. The plan is to complete the bridge by spring of 2016.

1/14/2014 Wicked Tuna North vs. South to Film Off Coast of NC:

The National Geographic Channel show Wicked Tuna will soon start filming a spin off called Wicked Tuna:North vs. South. The spin off will be filmed off the NC coast of the Outer Banks. The North will be some of the New England captains and the South will be captains from the south that fish the southern coastal waters.The new series starts filming this winter and the show will air this summer.

11/13/2013 Field and Stream Article Boast of Cape Hatteras Surf Fishing:

A recent article  (Nov. 2013) by T. Edward Nickens in Field and Stream describe the adventures of surf fishing at Cape Hatteras on the Atlantic Coast.The article titled "Surf Park: Cape Hatteras Has The Best Surf Fishing On The Atlantic Coast" describe a fishing trip to Hatteras Island and how great a place it is to surf fish. To read the article follow this link to:

11/05/2013 Body of Missing Boater Found:

The body of a missing boater from Edenton seen falling overboard from a boat in the Albemarle Sound has been found and recovered. Jimmy D. McKinney, 42 years old from Edenton, was seen by a driver on the bridge on Highway 32 falling off his boat on Sunday about noon time. A search was started Sunday and continued on Monday by several agencies including dive teams from Eastern Carolina and the US Coast Guard. A dog on the boat was rescued from the boat, the boat was found and anchored by a nearby good Samaritan. Washington County Sheriff's Office report the death appears to be the result of an accident.

10/28/2013 16-foot Great White Shark Mary Lee Is Back!

Mary Lee. the great white shark that visited the Outer Banks waters last year is back!. Mary Lee was tagged by OCEARCH and has been tracked up and down the east coast. A ping from her tag now shows Mary Lee is back off the North Carolina coast.To follow Mary Lee and other tagged sharks go to

10/20/2013 Stranded Humpback Whale Dies:

A humpback whale that measured 30 foot in length washed ashore alive last Wednesday. Something was obviously wrong with the stranded whale. By Thursday morning the whale had died. The Outer Banks Stranding Response Team responded and did a necropsy (an animal autopsy) to determine the cause of death.

10/5/2013 Humback Whale Sighting Off Outer Banks:

A humpback whale playing (or feeding) was sighted from the beach at Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head this past week. Valorie Austin Tillet took a photo of the whale and posted it on Facebook. Its a great picture of the whale diving upfrom the ocean surface causing a great splash.

9/2/2013 Virginia Man Drowns at Nags Head Beach at Outer Banks Saturday:

Jordan McGuire, 58, of Glen Allen, VA., died on Saturday, Aug. 31 after being pulled from the ocean in the Nags Head area of the Outer Banks.He was pulled from the ocean, not breathing and with no pulse just after noon. Nags Head lifeguards performed CPR on McGuire and CPR was continued by Nags Head Fire and Rescue while he was transported to The Outer Banks Hospital. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

8/25/2013 Cape Point Open to ORV on Hatteras Island:

Cape Point is now open to ORV. Access to Cape Point was shut down on April 9 by the National Park Service. The 4 ½-month closure was the longest shutdown the CHNS has seen under the new restrictions by the 2008 consent decree. Shorebird nesting season has ended for this year, but the seashore has a record 243 sea turtles nests. Many of the sea turtle nests are getting ready to hatch and access has been closed from the nest down to the water. The sea turtle nests will continue hatching well into the fall.

7/31/2013  Man Dies After Fall From 3rd Floor Deck While on Vacation at Outer Banks:

Jason Madachy, 21 years old and from Ohio fell from a 3rd floor deck and died Saturday. He was vacationing at the Outer Banks and was staying at an oceanfront home in South Nags Head. "We believe it was accidental," police Lt. Kevin Brinkley said. The incident is not under investigation. He said he did not know whether alcohol was a factor but that the police division has requested a toxicology report on Madachy.

7/6/2013 A Fourth Drowning Has Occurred Off a NC Beach:

A fourth person has drowned at a Brunswick County beach in NC. Randall Joyce, age 57 drowned on July 4th on Holden Beach. Joyce was caught in a rip current. After being pulled from the water he was pronounced dead. Multiple drowning have occurred in the area over the last few days due to rip currents.

6/30/2013 New Colt Born to Corolla Wild Horse Herd:

A new colt was recently born into the Corolla Wild Horse Herd in Corolla at the Outer Banks. Goes by the name of Maximo. See a picture at their facebook page at

4/1/2013 Bodie Island Lighthouse Open to Public:

The Bodie Island Lighthouse on Highway 12 in south Nags Head will be open to the public for climbing for the first time ever. The three year and $5 million restoration is completed and on April 19, 2013 the lighthouse will be open to the public with climbing to the top for visitors now allowed. It still has its original first order Fresnel lens making the 214 steps climb to the top worth the effort to see the Fresnel lens. Built in 1872 the lighthouse in on the National Register of Historic Places.

1/23/13 Great White Shark Mary Lee Visits Hatteras and Islands:

A 16-foot great white shark was in the Hatteras Ocracoke area.She swam into Pamlico Sound and was headed toward Hatteras Monday night. By Tuesday morning she was headed away from the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. The sharks journey is being tracked by OCEARCH. Track Mary Lee at

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